About DoubleSpiral UK

Our headquarters are in Beijing (see www.spiralbook.com). DoubleSpiral was established in 2005, and has a reputation for producing innovative books with strong editorial content, and is one of the most dynamic publishing houses in China. With our international vision, the company has introduced and published children’s books in Mandarin from many countries including UK, Canada, Sweden, France, The United States, Korea, and Japan.In response to the demand from our readers, we decided to set up DoubelSpiral in the UK.


In January 2017, our books of “If I Were Someone Else”, “The Universe Egg”, “Count Peas”, “MyName is Pavana” were listed in the 2016 “Chinese children’s 100 best books” by the China Reading Institute.

Some of our other recent awards are as follows:-

The Peas Series

2016 Clover Story Family “Baby List” Top 10

2016 100 Best Children Books of China

The Developing of Good Quality Series by Satoshi Kako

2016 Clover Story Family “Baby List” Top 10

If I Were Someone Else

2016 100 Best Children Books of China

The Universe Eggs by Arai Ryoji

2016 100 Best Children Books of China

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Other Publications

We successfully published the international best-seller book, “The Secret” in Chinese. This inspirational book has sold over 1,000,000 copies in China.
Our self-help books, “Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire”, by Rafe Esquith has so far sold over 520,000 copies and is continuing to attract new readers. We have published many titles from The New York Times’ bestseller lists, such as “Difficult Conversations” written by Douglas Stone, which has been on the best-seller list for months, and “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power”, both written by Anthony Robbins, a world leader in human development training.

Culture Exchange

With a keen interest in both commercial and non-commercial culture exchange, our aim is to enable our readers to meet with our book authors and illustrators, to enrich their reading experience.

In 2016, we organised an unforgettable experience for our readers. “Trotro” is a popular French animated television show for young children. The show is based on the Bénédicte Guettier’s books. DoubleSpiral introduced her picture books in Mandarin to our Chinese readers. We invited Bénédicte to Beijing to meet with our readers. Many fans came from all over the country to meet her, to learn from her writing and painting experience – see details….


We have a smooth and robust distribution network, dealing with over 3,000 bookstores across China.